Welcome to our story!

Everyone calls me Bear, but I'm just your average guy. In the thick of the pandemic, juggling work-from-home stress, junk food, and the joy of a new baby, taking care of myself took a hit. It became clear I needed a simple way to keep fit.

Traditional workouts like jogging on the spot and endless press-ups were mind-numbingly monotonous. I was desperate for something different. We tried weights, but the weights clanged and cluttered up our tiny apartment, driving my wife mad.

Then, one day in May 2020, after another fast food binge, I was fiddling with a straw, a rubber band, and eureka! It all clicked.

Pocket Dumbbell isn’t your usual fitness gear. Compact and quiet, the Pocket Dumbbell revolutionises resistance bands by adding the heft of real weights without any of the clang. It's the perfect workout companion for anyone looking to spice up their fitness regimen.

Our little invention took off when we shared it with friends, leading to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, we're excited to bring this innovative product to fitness enthusiasts around the globe. We're here to energise and inspire your fitness journey, helping you maintain health and happiness without any hassle. Thanks for your support!