Revamp your HIIT workout or home gym with our UK-developed handles, designed for pull-up resistance bands. Perfect for both fabric and elastic bands, our handles improve performance and reduce pinching. Plus, they're space-saving and easy to store. Upgrade now!

Welcome to our story!

Hi, I'm Bear! In the pandemic's chaos, between work stress, fast food, and a new baby, I struggled to stay fit. Tired of boring workouts and noisy weights in our small flat, I invented the Pocket Dumbbell in May 2020. It's a compact, quiet device that combines resistance bands with real weight feel. It became popular after a successful Kickstarter, and now we're thrilled to offer it globally. Thanks for your support!

Bear and hammers


Transform your physique with variable resistance training, made even more effective by bear and hammers pocket dumbbell

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    Try our five minutes resistance bands fitness work outs Experience the efficiency of our five-minute resistance bands fitness workouts for a convenient and impactful exercise routine.

  • Fitness journey

    Sofia's fitness journey is inspiring as she integrates workouts into her hectic schedule with our equipment.

  • Simplifying fitness for your busy life

    Balancing kids, job, and family leaves me overwhelmed with advice on time management. Prioritizing and maximizing time are crucial.