How the Pocket Dumbbell Improved my Fitness AND my Mental Health

Any first time Mums out there will know that you cannot prepare for how busy you will be as a new Mum. I thought I had everything planned and I was completely ready, but I did not anticipate the effect of no sleep on my energy levels and my general mood. I absolutely love being a Mum and immediately bonded with my baby. Breastfeeding went well and he was a really good baby, barely cried and we soon got into the swing of things.

Weight gain had not been a major issue whilst I was pregnant as I had previously been an active netball player and done quite a bit of prenatal exercise leading up to the pregnancy. I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to lose the excess weight afterwards, but how wrong I was! I had no time to get to the gym and I couldn’t jog as I had injured my knee in my first postnatal exercise session. My inability to lose weight began to depress me and then as if it couldn’t get any worse... LOCKDOWN!

After a bout of Covid I thought I would never recover and be able to exercise again. After a 4 month recovery I was finally able. Fed up of lockdown binge eating and after getting on the scales I needed a way to exercise whilst working from home with the gyms closed.

I purchased a set of resistance bands, but felt they were limited and I could not engage with the exercises the way I could with regular weights. My hands hurt and I couldn’t get a full range of movement, the resistance bands training did not give me the versatility I was looking for.

Then everything changed! After the first lockdown my fiance had had a great idea whilst eating McDonalds, and we developed The Pocket Dumbbell. Being able to test the prototypes out to fit it around our needs really helped us to develop a product which really helps counteract the issues with resistance bands. Our hand grips for resistance bands stop the band from rubbing, scraping and pinching your hands. A great addition to our home gym equipment!

I was now able to comfortably workout at home or in the park and able to fit training in around Mummy duties. I lost weight, my confidence came back and my resistance band squat workouts have strengthened my knee enough for me to return to netball when the season restarts. I returned to work after the first lockdown and between my family, work and marketing for the Pocket Dumbbell I actually seem to be doing ok! Enjoying it even! How well our product will do? Who knows? What I do know is that it is an AMAZING product and much needed! Even if I do say so myself… LOL!


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