8 Ways To Exercise Consistently Whilst Maintaining Your Busy Life

Consistency is a personal trait that needs to be honed if you want to achieve fulfilment and productivity in life. It is a positive characteristic that keeps you motivated to achieve specific goals.

1. Don’t run before you can walk!

Everyone wants to gain everything in life quick and easy, but people who are always running are not the ones who achieve better performances. The rewards go to people who are consistent and steady in their efforts. Be patient and create a realistic plan. Don't train so hard that you injure yourself and can't train for several weeks, all your gains will be lost.

If you want significant changes in life then you need to be consistent. Do not set a huge goal that will overwhelm you. Instead, try to split it into smaller goals that are realistic and achievable. Splitting your exercise into 5 minutes intervals is a good idea if you cannot find large blocks of time to fit in a full workout. When you put your focus on quick wins it will seem easier to achieve your target. It will act as a booster and encourage you to achieve your short-term schedule with consistency.

2. Willpower

In order to be consistent you need to have strong willpower. It is hard to stick to an exercise regime, especially when you are trying to fit exercise around work, family life and other hobbies. When a person has a limited supply of willpower that is used up after the first few attempts they can get burnt out and then give in. Try to keep your goal in mind and set quick wins to reward yourself along the way. This will help when things get tough and ensure that you reach your goal.

3. Set SMART goals

  1. Be specific and clearly define your goal (weight loss, loss of inches, muscle growth)

  2. Make your goals measurable

  3. Your goals need to be achievable

  4. Your goals need to be relevant to you

  5. Goals should be time-specific

  6. Regularly reassess your progress

4. Enlist the help of a Personal Trainer to help you stay consistent

A personal trainer will be able to show you the best exercises for you and they will teach you the proper technique to avoid injury and help you stick to your goals. There are an increased number of online personal trainers now so you can workout in the comfort of your own home. Many trainers also do resistance band workouts with their clients. Choose a trainer who uses a variety of workouts so that you enjoy the variation and can stay consistent.

5. Make an appointment to meet up and exercise with your friends

Exercising with friends can be fun and motivating. If you have someone relying on you to go to the gym or coming round for a home workout you’ll be less likely to cancel. Group workout sessions are also a great way to exercise consistently over a short or long period of time. This can work for online training as well as in person. If you train with resistance bands you should consider an exercise band holder to get a better grip and make it more comfortable. The Pocket Dumbbell eliminates rubbing and squeezing of your hands. It also enables you to use resistance bands to perform the same variety of exercises as you can with regular dumbbells.

6. Money is a Motivator

Reward yourself! Quick wins help you stay motivated. Try putting a pound in a jar every time you workout. Use the money at the end of the month to reward yourself to a night out or a spa day. If you do really well you could go on a weekend away and show off your new physique.

7. Forgive yourself! You are not a machine!

Goal setting is a great way to keep yourself focused and productive. It is important to be consistent in your efforts if you are aiming to achieve the best results. It is ok to slip up once in a while. It happens! Try to move on, restart and not repeat it too often. Try not to give up or stop yourself from continuing again. Motivate yourself and adopt a positive attitude by reminding yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

8. Rest and Recuperate

You should ensure you give your body adequate time to rest in order for your muscles to repair and for growth to take place. Exercising hard everyday can be as detrimental as not exercising at all. Listen to your body and if you are having an off-day, take it easy and rest. Schedule breaks so that you do not feel guilty about it. Consistency is important, but recharging will help to maintain and improve productivity.

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