We are a new company created to produce well-made products for modern-day living.


We will soon launch our debut fitness product: THE POCKET DUMBBELL.


  • Gyms are expensive.

  • Weights can be bulky and difficult to transport.

  • Resistance bands are floppy and pinch into your hands.

We all know consistency is the key to fitness and having the ability to workout anywhere, anytime, is priceless. Whether you're at home, at work or travelling; you can easily fit in a 5 Minute or hour-long Workout Routine with the Pocket Dumbbell.

The Pocket Dumbbell gives you the feel of a dumbbell with all the advantages of resistance bands. It easily slides onto loop resistance bands and totally transforms your experience, making exercise more dynamic and natural. It instantly improves your technique, stabilising the bands, eliminating pinching and helps you stay in the zone.

  • Detachable, compact and easy to store & transport 

  • Safe, It provides a solid & focused grip

  • Dynamic and adaptable allowing you to transition between exercises seamlessly.

  • Joint Friendly with Unique Variable Resistance you can't get from weights

  • Increase your Flexibility, Muscle Strength & Muscle growth

  • Exercise your whole body, including Cardio and Core

  • Train for improved Mobility, Balance, Coordination, Agility and power

  • You can Train Anywhere for Fat Loss, Speed

  • A Low-Cost Investment.

Overall a great addition to your home gym, saving you Money and Time.